An international work camp is a form of making a humanitarian voluntary service or in the form of a solidarity camp. At the head is a manager called "facilitator" who represents the authority of the Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) on the camp. Any comments or complaints should be made towards him. This mission international camp site is often feasible during summer and winter, following a schedule of our various missions allocated according to a survey of local needs. This mission or international camp site allows volunteers to meet people of different nationalities for a contact useful to local communities as volunteers Togolese and foreigners. In other words the camp site by International Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) is putting together any human creation, promoting relations between the South South and the North South. Together volunteers from different nationalities is a way to observe, talk, to listen, to learn, to understand, to exchange technical, to love each other ... So, any voluntary and where it comes from working with Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) must have this spirit and act accordingly to make his stay pleasant in Togo since the opening and motivation are essential factors of concept of sustainable development.




It is becoming easier and especially the way to go to


as a tourist. Spend your holidays, it can be fun, but you do not really discover Africa and


. By making a camp site of two (2) to three (3) weeks per return against you in direct contact with the local population. By working with it, you'll get a good overview of their daily life, you go to places where you will never set foot as a tourist. Besides, you'll make friends with the local community: The exchange is not only humans but also cultural. Tourism is most often a bad impact on the local community. Of course, it is a source of income but this income is often distributed to residents. This sometimes leads tourism exploitation of people and often the loss of traditions and cultures as well as the deterioration of the landscape. By doing a project, therefore, living and working together with a rural community, it is hoped that people from around the world will learn to understand and respect other cultures rather than exploit them.
DOCUMENTING BEFOREHAND SE: It is essential, before leaving to have a good overview of where we are going to go. Prior knowledge of the language, history, culture, people, politics, etc.. undoubtedly enhance your trip. The local tourist agencies can provide information and documentation on the country.

PREVENT HIS FAMILY / FRIENDS: Be sure your family or friends know exactly where you go. Give them a copy of your itinerary and a list of places where you can be contacted in case of accident. You can leave the details of our association. If your family wishes to know what happens, this information will be useful, as well as you do. Do not disappear without saying anything: leave traces ... ! ! !

VISA - PASSPORTS - Vaccination: In


, a visa is required. Information is available at the Embassy of Togo in your country or consulate. It is possible to obtain a visa at the airport but we advise you to get more in your country to avoid the usual complications. If you want to visit another country, it is better to obtain all necessary visas before leaving, you can get it here but sometimes it creates problems of protocol. Make sure to have blank pages in the passport for any visas. Find in embassies to find out what vaccinations you need to do before leaving. The vaccine against Hepatitis B and treatment against malaria are recommended. The vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory.

PROPHYLAXIS AGAINST MALARIA DRUG It is essential to take anti malaria treatment (


is among the countries of zone 3). Your doctor will prescribe a treatment. For French, we recommend Doxy 100 Gé doxycycline. It is the only 100% reimbursed by social security. For Canadians, the anti malaria treatments are supported by your protection, we recommend Malarone because almost without side effects.
CAUTION Do not take Lariam because of side effects too heavy and very frequent. In general, Malarone is a good treatment but can be very expensive depending on the country. Plan specific antis mosquito repellents and sleeping under mosquito nets. (Available in


at a lower price in


Kit During your visit to the doctor, do you prescribe drugs that will be useful in


. Anti pain, paracetamol, anti diarrhea (preferred drug treatments), laxatives (eg forlax) an antiseptic spray (very useful in the field), compresses, tape, dressings prepared for tears eyes ... For the sun, bring sunscreen and sunglasses including caps, hats ... you can leave your surplus in a medical center with which we work. It will be given free to people in need.
INSURANCE: Travel insurance is absolutely essential when you travel in


and looking around, you will find the best contracts. Contact an insurance covering theft, loss of luggage, travel (flight delay, cancellation ...) and the reservation as well as health. The best agreements are those that include repatriation in case of major problems. If you do anything, please give as much information as possible to your insurer: constat police for theft, medical(doctor, hospital) if you are sick. Insurance companies are very suspicious of claims of passengers. Some travel agencies for students offer insurance interesting. It is good to inquire.

CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: Participation is open to the world with a minimum age of 18 years and without discrimination, for those under 18 we require parental permission. The skill does not matter. The volunteer will pay a participation fee which is payable upon arrival of the volunteer in Lomé and in the office of the Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ)
PROVISION The group of volunteers is led by a moderator. The volunteer works 5 hours per day for 5 days per week, work hard 3 weeks. Everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking, dishes ... are made in turn by small teams who will be trained by the moderator. Volunteers will have three meals per day ie breakfast, lunch and dinner.
NB: Volunteers who want to learn more about the


can come before or stay after the camps to do a little tourism.
HOME airport A group of Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) welcomes all foreign volunteers at the airport and driven to the dwelling house and yard sites. To arrange your airport reception, please provide the references of the flight dates and times of arrivals.
Hosting on the camps, volunteers are housed in groups in buildings (schools, youth center, houses ...). Agenda for the Development of Youth (ADJ) can offer accommodation in


for volunteers who want to stay a few days before and after work.
LANGUAGES OF SITES Languages: English mandatory minimum; English optional. LEISURE AND ACTIVITIES During the site development work of Youth (ADJ) is organizing a tour and / or excursions, cultural activities and meetings between campers and the local population. The campers organizes other leisure activities apart from those of the Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) for the team (the anniversary of one of the campers, ...). It is organized evenings African, European and other continents as campers during which they prepare their menus and initiate discussions about their country or continent. NB: In view of the African and European events held on the camps, we advise expatriates to bring European music and other things of European rejoicing to better organize the European evenings.

SOME AIRLINE COMPANIES IN TOGO Air France, Air Senegal, Royal Air Maroc, Afriqyah Airways Point Afrique (for land in Benin or Burkina Faso, two countries of Togo and continue the journey by bus. The bus is convenient between the two countries and Togo).
The cost of airline tickets are entirely borne by volunteers.
BANKING AND MONEY The CFA is the money used in Togo;
1 € = 655 CFA francs.
If you have several options to withdraw money do not hesitate to use them. The data changes from time to time and if you have at least two ways this is an asset. Travelers Check: If you have the travelers you can withdraw money at Lome, in one or two banks. Bank notes: They were easily exchanged at branches of banks. But complications began during the summer due to various reasons. Credit card: Credit cards VISA is the only map used in Togo. It is safer than others. Given the difficulties of withdrawing money with travelers checks in the inner cities of Togo, it is advisable to bring travelers checks. There are no problems for the changes to the bank when you are with a credit card visa.
THE NECESSARY - A sleeping bag - A pull-over - A garment of rain - a net - A photo ID (mandatory) - A flashlight - A pair of gloves for renovation projects, reforestation ... - Pastille to disinfect the Water - Passport - Vaccination (yellow fever) - Credit Card - Cash - Insurance Papers - Name and surname of the person to contact in case of emergency - Order of the doctor if necessary - International Driving Permit if need your generosity: NOT MANDATORY - School supplies (pens, pencils and colors, felt ...) - Preservatives awareness on HIV / AIDS - Clothing for children in trouble or in need .... - Past phones - Sporting (jerseys, ball ...) - Pharmaceuticals (antiseptic, dressing ...) - Hardware (old laptops, USB drives, ...) - Prospectus for AIDS awareness - Films for HIV-awareness AIDS

- Embassy of Togo in France 8 rue ALFRED - ROU, 75017 Paris Tel. : 01 43 80 12 13
- Embassy of Togo in Canada 12 Range Road, Ottow K1N 8J3 Tel: 238 59 16
- Embassy of Togo in Belgium Avenue de Tervuren, 264 Brussels 1150 Tel (02) 770 17 91
- Consulate of Togo in Switzerland lis 11, rue Rodolphe - Toepffer, 1206 Geneva Tel (022) 346 52 60

USEFUL INFORMATION - Make sure your date and arrival times have been well received. - If you give us your flight and arrival in Togo, you will be greeted at the airport. Require a letter or paper of mission and / or membership card in the name of the Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) of the person who welcomes you to not get scammed because there are little thugs at the airport who will offer their help and who will go to members of the Action for the Development of Youth (ADJ) - Do not pay anyone to the airport without notifying the one who welcomes you. - If by mistake you just not welcome - Please call (00228) 0236366 or (00228) 9768019 (any time) for you to trust in the airport. - Look for a telephone booth in the last great hall of the airport after baggage hall, near a bar. You can ask a policeman. If the cabin is closed or does not work, ask for help from a safety officer (police or gendarme). This can greatly help you. We recommend: - only VISA credit cards are accepted at banks in Togo and travelers check is accepted in only one bank in Lome. Foreign exchange operations are in banks in Togo and now only large denominations are accepted (ie that from 50Euros). - We inform all smokers that the voluntary use of drugs of any kind even Canabis is strictly prohibited in Togo.
Violators will ensure its responsibilities vis-à-vis the police and justice.
Volunteers can bring school supplies, books. - You can also provide educational material on STDs / HIV / AIDS. - We are open to answer all your questions by e-mail: